As a former middle and high school math teacher I know that teaching algebra is not easy.  Yes you will have your “star” students that ace everything but how about the rest of your class?  Do you really have enough time to work with them and build up their skills in class? I’m sure you would agree you don’t have enough time, you do the best you can but most of your students could benefit from extra support outside the classroom.

The next question becomes what kind of extra support?  From my experience and I suspect you will agree with me, students will not use an extra support resource unless they like it- i.e. it saves time, easy to use and provides effective results.  As much as math teachers want students to spend a solid hour studying every day most will not. My advice is to promote only those learning resources that are easy to use and offer very specific topic help.

Lastly you want to consider if you can trust an extra help resource.  For example most students will at some time try to use Google to find a quick answer to a homework question.  The results that Google produces will be from all types of so called “math experts” to include fellow students and a host of “I was good at math” non-educators. As you can see it’s easy for your students to be misguided. To feel confident in who teachers your students I strongly suggest finding resources created by experienced math teachers. Qualified and experienced math teachers are trusted experts and know how to explain math in a way proper way that makes sense. Just remember that most of your students could benefit from extra support so finding and promoting resources your students like and are created by math teachers could really help overall classroom proficiency.