Systems Elimination Linear Combination

Solving systems is a core skill in algebra so you need to get “hard core” about the effort you put into mastering systems.  For the most part you will be using two methods to solve systems- the linear combination method and substitution method.  both methods are great and you need to master them both.  Systems are a huge part of algebra so take the time you need to really learn them….good luck.


Key concepts to remember:

* the solution to a system is the point (x, y) where the lines of the system intersect
* you need to master all methods to solve systems as each method has it’s advantages
* many more topics in algebra and geometry require you to be able to solve a system- you MUST know systems to master algebra and college prep math




some key topics that involve solving systems using the elimination combination method:

* geometry- solving various problems that involve systems
* linear programming
* word problems that involve two variables
* SAT and ACT exams
* more complex college prep math