Graphing Lines y=mx + b (Slope-Intercept Method) Full Video Lesson

The slope-intercept form of a line is the way you will see most lines expressed in algebra.  The form is y=mx + b where m=the slope and b= the y-intercept. For example the line y=3x + 7 has a slope =3 and a y-intercept=7. When graphing lines in slope-intercept form you need to follow two steps. First plot the y-intercept on the y-axis that will location is the first point on the line.  Next from that point use the slope as driving directions to find a second point.  The notes below will help you sharpen this most critical algebra skill.

Graphing Lines Slope Intercept Full Lesson Video

Did you like this video lesson?  Watch me solve many more problems on graphing lines using the slope intercept method

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some key topics that involve graphing lines with the slope-intercept method:

* ordered pairs
* slope (rise / run )
* point-slope formula
* linear word models