Adding and Subtracting Rational Expressions

If you thought fractions were hard you will hate adding and subtracting rational expressions.  But lets be positive, that was before you came to I got your back- everything is going to be lovely.  Ok first off a rational expression is a fraction that has variables.  So what we are doing here is adding and subtracting fractions with variables.  Good news! All we need to do is follow the same basic steps as adding fractions with numbers and we become a master at adding and subtracting rational expressions. So let me ask, do you really know how to add and subtract fractions?  I mean find the LCD and all that other good stuff? If not stop reading this post and go back and review.  Excellent, you know how to add and subtract fractions.  Now to add or subtract rational expressions just do the same steps.  Of course we have to know how to simplify expressions with variables- I mean knowing how to add like terms to clean up our answer.  The hardest part of adding and subtracting rational expressions is finding the LCD- yes this I admit can be a little tricky so focus and take your time.  The notes below sum up the entire process- don’t give up! start on easy problems first and build your skills from there.



some key topics that involve adding and subtracting rational expressions:

* fractions
* LCD and LCM
* polynomials
* factoring