“Operations with radicals” is not conducting surgery with a bunch of crazy people. The topic is far more fun it involves dealing with radical operations which are square roots.  Now if your looking to lock up a great grade in algebra you need to master these radicals.  The notes below will help you get a good start.

Key concepts to remember:

* square roots are radicals
* all radical rules are based on the radical having the same index; as an example we could not add two radical where one is a square root and the other is the cubed root
* you can add and subtract two radicals if the number under the square root symbol is the same
* to multiply and divide radicals just perform the operation with the numbers under the square root symbols


some key topics that involve operations with radicals:

* square roots
* polynomial equations
* factoring
* radical equations
* rational equations
* quadratic equations and inequalities
* SAT and ACT exams