Radical Equations (Square Roots)

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  • Lesson Video
  • Example Set A Practice Problems (Video Solutions)
  • Example Set B Practice Problems (Video Solutions)
  • Example Set C Practice Problems (Video Solutions)
  • Example Set D Practice Problems (Video Solutions)
  • Example Set E Practice Problems (Video Solutions)

Solving radical equations involves some very important steps and you really need to know what you’re doing to find the solution.  The good news is your smart, dedicated and a hard worker so you can do these problems!  But lets go over a few details to get you going in the right direction.  First you need to know how to isolate the radical part of the equation- meaning the part of the equation with the radical(square root symbol).  Next you need to raise both sides of equation to a power such that it clears away the radical- make sure you multiply correctly when evaluating the powers.  Lastly you need to solve the remaining equation and check for extraneous solutions (these are false answers) you need to do this step!  So kick back, relax and sharpen your pencil and rock these radical equations until you have your solution..good luck!

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