Quadratic Formula

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Think of the most popular people you know…movie stars, presidents, sports heroes, etc. Well in the world of algebra nothing is more famous than the Quadratic Formula!  All right after that grand introduction what the heck is the quadratic formula?   The quadratic formula is a powerful tool that allows you to find the solution to any quadratic equation.  Let’s take a moment for a quick review so I can emphasize my point even better.  A quadratic equation is a polynomial with it’s highest power being two.  We have several tools to solve quadratic equations but most of these methods only work on certain problems- the only method that can solve all quadratic equations is the quadratic formula.  YOU NEED TO MASTER THIS FORMULA!  I provide the formula below and how to use it by identifying the a, b and c values.  Make sure you plug in the a, b and c values into the formula correctly as many students make errors during this step.  The last step which takes a lot of focus is simplifying the numeric expression (the formula with the values plugged in).  When simplifying the numeric expression keep the order of operations in mind this is another place where students make several errors.  Take it slow and focus and you should develop into a quadratic formula ninja in no time..