How Well Do You Understand Quadratic Equations?

Here is a quadratic equations test and key. ┬áBefore you take the test let’s do a quick review of the basics of quadratic equations.

Key concepts to keep in mind about quadratic equations:

* a “quadratic equations” is a polynomial equation such the highest power of the variables is 2
* quadratic equations always have two solutions; can be some combination of real or imaginary numbers
* the graph of a quadratic equation is a parabola
* quadratic equations can be solved using various methods to include: square roots of both sides, quadratic formula, factoring and completing the square
* the discriminant is a part of the quadratic formula- it’s value indicates what type of solutions the equation will have
* if the graph of a quadratic equation crosses the x-axis these are real number roots
* we graph quadratic inequalities using the same basic steps as graphing two variable inequalities



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