Quadratic Equations Solve By Factoring

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I just love factoring!  Now many of you might think “wow this guy has no life..” but nothing could be further from the truth- my life is great!  You see if you can factor especially factor polynomials everything becomes easier.  Ask yourself do you want to work harder or smarter?  Well if your answer is smarter than  you want to master how to factor polynomials and pay attention to the steps below.  The basic idea behind solving a quadratic equation by factoring is using something called the zero-product property. Lets look at a simple example to illustrates the property.

I have two numbers A and B.  Next I multiply the two numbers A and B and the answer is zero.  Another words A * B = 0.  What can you tell me about the value of A and or B?  Well if you think about it one of those numbers(factors) must be zero- that’s the only way your answer can turn out to be 0.  So, A=0 or B=0.  This is what the zero product says, if A * B = 0 then A and or B must be equal to zero.  However the real key skill to solve quadratic equations by factoring is the ability to factor a polynomial. Of course not every quadratic polynomial can be factored but if it can you should follow the steps below to find the solutions it’s a direct and easy way to solve the problem.