Below is a list of my products.  Each product has a great track record so you can feel comfortable with the level of value if you decide to invest.

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John Zimmerman


Full Online Video Math Courses

TabletClass Home


TabletClass Math is one of the most powerful learning experiences online.  My software team and I have invested years to build a fantastic full course platform that is easy to use and extremely effective.  TabletClass courses are centered around a massive amount of instruction that is very clear and understandable.  Moreover we provide students with powerful software that helps track and build skills quickly. Students of all skills levels can start my online courses and obtain a great math education that will prepare them for college level mathematics and important exams like the SAT, ACT, GED, GRE and GMAT.

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Power Algebra Notes- Designed To Give Algebra Students Better Notes 


From my experience one of the top causes of poor test grades is poor study notes.  Often students struggle to listen to the teacher and write comprehensive notes at the same time.  My Power Algebra Notes system is designed to give students excellent written notes that they need to do well in algebra. Once more I can’t stress this point enough- weak notes = weak test/quiz performance. The Power Algebra Notes system can take the pressure off students by knowing they will have a detailed and powerful set of complete study notes.

* 73 pages (see below for a full description )
* designed to be printed
* delivered as pdf download (Adobe Acrobat required to read)
* directly download after purchase
* questions?  contact us 

Cost:  $14.95 

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John Zimmerman Personal Math Instruction Program

“When nothing was working for my child I almost lost hope.  Finding John and using his personal instruction program have totally increased my son’s confidence and skills in math.  I can honestly say that John’s method of teaching and encouragement was the only solution for us…THANK YOU!!2011 Coaching Member

How my service can help you

Students have a wide range of issues that can dramatically impact how well they learn. As such general learning approaches and materials are inadequate for many math students. Unfortunately, the longer a student stays in an unsuccessful learning program the more damage will be done. My service offers students a customized approach to learning math.  Because I get to know a student on a personal level, I’m able to teach them in a way I know they understand.  Moreover, I don’t have to wait for test scores to tell me if they are comprehending material- I can read this from the questions I ask during sessions.  If you need a specialized and professional solution to learning math than I encourage you to explore my service and contact me.  Math levels covered:

* Basic and Elementary Math
* Middle School Math
* High School Math (up to Calculus)
* Special Needs/Gifted
* Test Prep/ GED/ SAT/ ACT
* Pre-Algebra
* Algebra 1
* Geometry
* Algebra 2
* Homeschool

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