Polynomials Solving n-Degree Polynomial Equations

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In this lesson I will teach you how to solve n-degree polynomial equations.  As the title suggests this lesson is related to something called the Fundamental Theorem of Algebra- I will explain more about this in a second.  All the lessons in this chapter will come together in this lesson with a single focus on solving any polynomial equation.  The Fundamental Theorem of Algebra is a theorem that basically states that a polynomial equation will have a number of solutions equal to the highest power of the equation.  For example when we studied quadratic equations (polynomials of degree 2) we learned that every quadratic equation always has 2 solutions.  This fact is an extension of the Fundamental Theorem of Algebra.  We will be using all the skills we have learned about polynomials to find there solutions to include graphing, factoring and all the theorems.  Solving a polynomial equation can be very challenging so we need to stay focused and work hard.  Please review any skill that you have not yet mastered as there are many, many skills we will be using.  Good luck I’m proud of you!