Polynomials Multiplying (FOIL Method)

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  • Example Set A Practice Problems (Video Solutions)
  • Example Set B Practice Problems (Video Solutions)
  • Example Set C Practice Problems (Video Solutions)
  • DOWNLOAD the Practice Problem Worksheet Here (the videos below explain the solutions to the problems)

You know how to multiply numbers but that’s no real fun.  If you are looking for a real good time then learn how to multiply polynomials.  Once you have the various methods to multiply polynomials down your algebra life will be wonderful!  Just on a serious note you MUST know polynomial operations to get past your algebra teacher.  Enjoy the notes below.


Key concepts to remember:

* all polynomial multiplication methods are based on the distributive property
* you need to understand the rules of powers and exponents while dealing with polynomials
* make sure you add all like terms and simplify your final product
* the opposite of polynomial multiplication is polynomial factoring a key skill in algebra