How Well Do You Understand Polynomials and Factoring?

Here is a polynomials and factoring test and key. ¬†Before you take the test let’s do a quick review of the basics of polynomials and factoring.

Key concepts to keep in mind about polynomials and factoring:

* for a variable expression to be a polynomial it must meet the following conditions: the variable(s) must have positive whole number exponent and the coefficient (the number in front of the variable) must be a real number
* the basic unit of a polynomial is a term; a one term polynomial is called a “monomial”
* a two term polynomial is called a “binomial” and a three term polynomial is called a “trinomial”
* polynomial operations include adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing
* multiplying polynomials involves various techniques to include the distributive property, FOIL method and vertical/horizontal method
* when factoring a polynomial always try to factor a GCF first
* factoring trinomials involves two methods
* special factoring rules like “the difference of two squares” ¬†are extremely important and need to be memorized


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