Adding and Subtracting Polynomials

Mastering polynomials is essential to your success in algebra.  As you progress into more complex college prep math you will find polynomials will get even more attention- they just love the being seen like a movie star.  Anyways adding and subtracting polynomials is easy if you know how to add like terms.  For the most part a polynomial is nothing more than the collection of terms.  When we add or subtract polynomials its really an exercise in adding and subtracting like terms.  One area of warning is when you subtract polynomials( notice by the notes below) you need to distribute the negative sign first to all the terms to the polynomial to the right of the subtraction sign then add up all remaining like terms. Good luck!




some key topics that involve adding and subtracting polynomials:

* like terms
* standard form
* polynomial operations
* FOIL method