Polynomial Graphs

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In this lesson I will teach you how to graph polynomials.  At this level of math (algebra 2 +) I would recommend that you have a graphing calculator like the TI-83.  These calculators are kind of  expensive but I’m sure you could find a new/used graphing calculator for under $100.  In mathematics we are constantly exploring the graphs of functions and having the ability to quickly see the graph of a function is a huge learning advantage.  Nevertheless this lesson will focus on some general aspects of polynomial graphs and the concepts do not require a calculator.  The graph of a polynomial will tell us many things especially in terms of how many and what type of solutions it contains.  I would say that the main reason we study the graphs of polynomials is it provides clues to finding the solutions.  As you will see in future lessons solving polynomial equations can be pretty involved and we need to use all our knowledge and tools- to include graphing.  Please take excellent notes and practice is a must; you can check your work with a graphing calculator if you have one.