Polynomial Equations – Solve By Factoring

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In this lesson I will teach you how to solve polynomial equations by factoring.  Before you watch this lesson you should have already mastered the chapter on quadratic equations.  If you think back on that chapter there was a lesson on solving quadratic equations by factoring.  The concepts I taught in that lesson will apply in this lesson- just on a larger scale.  So if you don’t remember this lesson in the quadratic equations chapter you may want to go back and review before starting this lesson. Recall a quadratic equation is a polynomial equations with it’s highest power being 2.  Of course polynomials can have very large degrees and be much more complex than a quadratic equation.  Nevertheless if we can factor a polynomial than we can solve it and find it’s solutions.  As you might have guessed you need to be excellent at factoring polynomials and also understand the previous lessons in this chapter.  You need to be taking good notes as polynomials are everywhere in math especially more advance math.  Keep working hard and good luck!