Polynomial Division (Long and Synthetic)

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  • Example Set C Practice Problems (Video Solutions)
  • Example Set D Practice Problems (Video Solutions)

In this lesson I will teach you polynomial division.  This is an extremely important topic for you to master as we will be doing a lot of polynomial division to solve polynomial equations.  There are two different types of polynomial division skills you will learn.  The first is called polynomial “long division” and it’s pretty involved- lots of writing and easy to make a mistake.  Hence you need to really focus and concentrate when practicing these problem.  The next method I will teach you is called “synthetic division”.  This method is much easier to use than long division however you can only use it in special cases.  Polynomial division allows us another way to factor polynomials such that we can uncover solutions.  As you will see we will be using many skills to solve polynomial equations to include polynomial division, factoring, graphing and the quadratic formula.  At this level of math you’re expected to have mastered many skills so if you find yourself confused in any one area please go back and review.  Lastly I can’t stress how important it is you practice polynomial division as it is takes some time to become really good at it.