I know you have a good “feel” about percent- everyone should with all the percent ads we see like 50% off  a pair of old socks!  Anyways lets get serious about percent because you need to master the topic to excel at math and algebra- and shopping.  After you learn how to find the percent of a number start working on solving more complex percent problems- as you do life will get better and so will your grades.  Good luck amigo!


key concepts to remember:

* percents can always be expressed as fractions
* to change a number into a percent we move the decimal point two places to the left
* to change a percent into a number we write it as a fraction over 100
* we can use either equations or proportions to solve all percent problems



some key topics that involve percent:

* basic math
* ratios and proportions
* exams such as the GED, SAT, ACT and ASVAB
* fractions and decimals