“When nothing was working for my child I almost lost hope.  Finding John and using his personal instruction program have totally increased my son’s confidence and skills in math.  I can honestly say that John’s method of teaching and encouragement was the only solution for us… THANK YOU!! 2012 Coaching Member


How My Service Can Help You

Students have a wide range of issues that can dramatically impact how well they learn. As such general learning approaches and materials are inadequate for many math students. Unfortunately, the longer a student stays in an unsuccessful learning program the more damage will be done. My service offers students a customized approach to learning math.  Because I get to know a student on a personal level, I’m able to teach them in a way I know they understand.  Moreover, I don’t have to wait for test scores to tell me if they are comprehending material- I can read this from the questions I ask during sessions.  If you need a specialized and professional solution to learning math than I encourage you to explore my service and contact me.  Math levels covered:

* Basic and Elementary Math
* Middle School Math
* High School Math (up to Calculus)
* Special Needs/Gifted
* Test Prep/ GED/ SAT/ ACT
* Pre-Algebra
* Algebra 1
* Geometry
* Algebra 2

Who is John Zimmerman?

As a credentialed and experienced math teacher/tutor I have dedicated years to helping students of all ages succeed in mathematics.  I have extensive experience in analyzing student problems and developing effective individualized learning plans.  Life has taught me that anyone can succeed with the right plan and encouragement. What makes me a highly effective teacher is my ability to engage students and teach them in a language they understand- my students really do enjoy working with me.  Moreover when I commit to a helping a student I commit 110% because I truly care.  In addition to my coaching program I have also developed a powerful online math learning system, www.TabletClass.com– my onlines courses are used and loved by many all over the world!

Formal Experience/Education:

* BA Mathematics
* Masters Degree in Educational Technology
* Middle and High School Math Teacher Experience
* Experience with Special Needs Students
* Business, Corporate and Management Experience
* US Navy Officer/Leadership and Development Skills
* US Marine Corps/Leadership and Development Skills

My Teaching Style

When I work with a student I want to impact more than just their math skills. My goal is to develop students into powerful, energetic math problem solvers. Years of experience have taught me that students learn best when they feel great about themselves; so I use a lot of positive reinforcement to build up my students confidence and motivation.  The result is a powerful positive feedback loop that looks like this:

1. This person says I can do it
2. Oh yes, maybe I can do a little- I just got this problem right
3. I feel better- a little less anxious
4. Math is not so bad; let’s do some more
5. Ok I’m kind of getting it- I guess I’m better than I thought
6. Hey, I’m actually not that bad at math (maybe I’m pretty good)
7. Teach me more
8. Nice!  I can handle learning math at this level and future levels…

My Teaching Approach:

1. I figure out current skill levels- I then make a plan
2. I teach the student in the way they like to learn
3. I start with the basics/foundations and build up from there
4. I focus on creating the positive feedback loop I mentioned above
5. I build on the momentum of success

Remember, the longer a student stays in an unsuccessful learning program the more damage will be done. Contact me ASAP to see if my way of teaching will help you achieve the success you want in math.

How The Program Works

I mostly work with students on a regular basis. When working with students I use an online web conferencing software that allows people to see my computer screen.  I use a white board on my screen and the student can see what I’m writing while I’m talking to them on the phone. The process works far better than most people expect- trust me it’s a very effective learning environment.  Here is a sample plan:

1. Student enrolled for weekly 30min sessions
2. I call at an agreed scheduled time
3. I give student a code to enter into a free web sharing software
4. Student now sees my screen (whiteboard) on their computer
5. We are connected via internet and phone- session starts
6. I’m teaching and student is interacting by using their mouse

As I said the experience is very effective and close to an actual person-to-person tutoring session.

Take Control

Stop struggling and start taking control over learning math.  Because I have limited time to work with individual students my personal math instruction program is first come first served.  However as my schedule shifts and members finish with their program new slots do open up allowing me to take on new clients.

1. Cost of the program: $25/30 min session
2. No minimum commitment: once/week is suggested
3. Most of my personal clients are long term members of my program
4. TabletClass Math membership suggested but not required
5. No placement test required/ just a desire to learn




Contact Me If You’re Interested- Cost of the program: $25/30 min session