One of the top mistakes that cause algebra students to fail is not mastering positive and negative numbers.  The rules are easy however many students tend to confuse and mix the rules up- resulting in poor algebra scores.  Don’t think this problem of mastering the basics in only contained in middle and high school students even the best college students make these algebra errors.  The best way to remember the rules for positive and negative numbers is to group all the rules into two major rules.  One rule is for multiplying and dividing and another rule for adding and subtracting.  Another words if you can multiply positive and negative numbers than you can divide them because the rule is the same.  Likewise if you can add positive and negative numbers than you can subtract them. Take a look at the notes for these two rules and do whatever it takes to master them- your algebra grades or college grades will be helped big time!



some key topics that involve multiplying and dividing positive and negative numbers:

* numerator and denominator
* LCD and LCM
* rational numbers
* number operations
* order of operations