Matrices Solving Systems Using Inverse Matrix

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  • Example Set A Practice Problems (Video Solutions)
  • Example Set B Practice Problems (Video Solutions)

In this lesson I will teach you how to solve a system using inverse matrices.  This lesson is not easy and you must have mastered all the previous lessons on matrices before taking on this topic.  Like most things the first time you learn something kind of complex it seems very difficult.  I suspect this might your experience with this lesson.  However if you been working hard to master all the skills covered in the chapter and pay close attention to my lesson I know you will understand the topic.  Basically what we are going to do is write a system in terms of a matrix equation.  Then we are going to use the new equation to find an inverse matrix and solve the system- as easy as 1-2-3.  Listen you can do this but you have to be smart in they way you study and practice.  As long as you’re committed to learn the skill you will.  Enjoy the lesson and never give up!