Below is a list of my article and tips.  I love to write about math and all the things I learned over the years to help people succeed.  My articles are on a wide range of topics so please check back often as I post new articles frequently.


What It Really Takes To Pass The GED Exam

So what does it really take to pass the GED? The answer is your ability to set a serious goal.  Most of the good things we experience in life are the result of a goal and likewise most of the bad things we experience often result from a lack of a goal or plan. Passing the GED is your goal but simply to state you have a “goal” is not enough. In order to achieve a goal you must “super charge” it and make it a serious effort. With this in mind I want to discuss four building blocks to achieving goals. READ FULL ARTICLE


Do You Need To Know Algebra For Technical School?

Do You Need to Know Algebra for Technical School?  Well the obvious answer is it depends what program you’re studying.  If you’re studying to be an Electronic Technician you will need to know a good amount of algebra and maybe even more advance math.  However for many other technical training programs like HVAC, Automotive Technician and Medical Assistant you will only need a working knowledge of some basic algebra skills.  READ FULL ARTICLE


The Most Common Algebra Mistakes And How To Avoid Them

Experience is the best teacher. As such I want to share with you lessons that I have learned over the years when it comes to teaching young people mathematics. Knowing what to look for in your child’s math work can help you encourage good habits and correct common problems. READ FULL ARTICLE


What Every Student Needs To Know Before Taking A Math Test

As a middle and high school math teacher I graded thousands of math tests and all along the way I had to determine how many points I would reward a student for their efforts.  The process was fairly subjective and I often used my “gut” or best judgment to make a decision on how many points I would award a student for the work on their test.  Of course each teacher will grade tests slightly different, but I can assure you most math teachers are looking for certain indicators before they award points.  Students can really help improve their grade if they know what their teacher is looking for and it’s much more than the correct answer. READ FULL ARTICLE


Things To Know When Homeschooling Algebra

Many homeschoolers do a great job teaching their children elementary and middle school math.  However homeschooling parents often struggle on how to transition their children from middle school math to high school math starting with algebra.  With so many curriculum options parents can get overwhelmed and confused on how to put together a great algebra course for their child.  From years of helping homeschoolers with my program I find there are 4 things to consider when you’re ready to homeschool algebra. READ FULL ARTICLE


 Algebra Teachers Could Use Some Help After School

As a former middle and high school math teacher I know that teaching algebra is not easy.  Yes you will have your “star” students that ace everything but how about the rest of your class?  Do you really have enough time to work with them and build up their skills in class? I’m sure you would agree you don’t have enough time, you do the best you can but most of your students could benefit from extra support outside the classroom. READ FULL ARTICLE


Homeschoolers Help Your Child’s Math Anxiety By Getting Back To the Basics

As a homeschooling parent you take on a wide variety of educational responsibilities.  You are much more than a “curriculum” manager you are a teacher, mentor, classmate, tutor and child psychologist. When your child is not doing well in math there could be many factors at play.  For example, you may not be using the best curriculum for your child’s learning style or your child is not at the right course level.   However, if your child has experienced a long term struggle with math they likely have developed a new factor to deal with- “math anxiety.”  READ FULL ARTICLE