Logarithmic and Exponential Equations- Solving Exponential Equations

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In this lesson I will teach you how to solve exponential equations.  If you watched the previous lesson on logarithmic equations you will know that to solve exponential equations we will use logs.  Hence it’s hard to talk about exponential equations without talking about logarithms- but hopefully you understand there inverse connection.  Like I was saying to solve an exponential equation we will write the equation as a logarithm.  What we do is take the log of both sides of the exponential equation and then simplify.  Just a word of caution if you’re not understanding a particular thing that I’m doing in the lesson please go back and review.  Math builds on itself and this lesson is a good illustration of many skills coming together.  Also make sure you are writing out all the steps when you practice problems- this way you can see what you did wrong if you make an error.  Congratulations on coming this far in your mathematical study these skills are pretty advance and will allow you to learn bigger and more exciting things in science, business and technology.