So what does it really take to pass the GED? The answer is your ability to set a serious goal.  Most of the good things we experience in life are the result of a goal and likewise most of the bad things we experience often result from a lack of a goal or plan. Passing the GED is your goal but simply to state you have a “goal” is not enough. In order to achieve a goal you must “super charge” it and make it a serious effort. With this in mind I want to discuss four building blocks to achieving goals.



When you have a specific positive vision of your future you become excited. Achieving a goal requires a lot of energy so you have to create a vision of your future that excites you. Why do you want to pass the GED? How could this dramatically change your future? Of course I could tell you why you should pass the GED but YOU need to get motivated with a grand vision of your future.  That motivation and emotion will turn into energy and action the foundation to success.


Self Confidence

If you don’t feel good about yourself it will be very difficult to accomplish any big goal in life.  Listen, you may not be perfect but I can assure you that if you look deep enough you will find that you’re a wonderful person.  Focus on the positives and work on the things that you don’t like about yourself.  Start improving the way you feel by doing things like dressing up, eating right and exercising.  This may sound like way too much to do to pass the GED but don’t under estimate how much a poor self-image can hurt you.  Hold your head up high you’re a winner!



When you feel good and have a powerful goal you will have the desire to take action.  No goal can ever be achieved without action so you must focus on measuring your progress by how much action you take. Passing the GED requires studying, taking practice tests and more studying.  Yes it may be difficult but as you take more action you will see yourself getting closer to accomplishing your goal- success will be right around the corner.



Finally the last thing you need to achieve your goal of passing the GED is time. So many people expect that they can pick up a GED study book read for a week and walk in and pass the test.  This is the kind of thinking usually results in disappointment and failure. Be smart and decide that you will commit to a full plan to prepare for the GED.  Even if you study hard for a few months and don’t pass you will know where to adjust- and ultimately you will pass the exam.  The bottom line is passing the GED is a goal one that you can only set for yourself.  However if you figure out how to set big goals and achieve them, passing the GED will only be the start of an exciting life and future.