How Well Do You Understand Functions and Relations?

Here is a functions and relations test and key. ┬áBefore you take the test let’s do a quick review of the basics of functions and relations.

Key concepts to keep in mind about functions and relations:

* relations are a collection of points on the coordinate plane
* functions are a special type of relation such that each x value has one and only one y value
* the domain is the set of input values for a function- in a (x, y) point the domain is the x value
* the range is the set of output values for a function- in a (x, y) point the range is the y value
* we can combine functions through various operations to include adding, subtracting, multiplying, dividing
* the composite function is a type of function operation where we evaluate one function with another function
* the inverse function is where we switch the x and y variables and solve for y



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