Fractions Multiplying And Dividing

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Often it’s the easy things we tend to mess up. This seems to be the case with many students when it comes to dealing with fractions. Multiplying and dividing fractions are easy operations but as I said many students get confused as to what steps to take. When we multiply fractions we simply multiply respective numerators and denominators- then reduce if need be. The good news is if you know how to multiply fractions then you can divide fractions. You see, we don’t actually “divide” fractions what we do is turn those problems into multiplication problems. How can we turn a division problem into a multiplication problem? Easy, we just flip the fraction to the right of the division sign and presto the problem is now a multiplication problem. Take a look at the examples below you’ll see how easy multiplying and dividing fractions are..

Key concepts to remember:

* when multiplying fractions multiply across =( numerator x numerator )/ (denominator x denominator)
* when dividing fractions flip the second fraction and multiply
* always simplify(reduce) your final answer