Adding and Subtracting Fractions

Fractions the most loved of numbers in algebra- NOT!  I know most of you hate fractions but get over it you need to master and love these most important numbers.  Many students think they can just use their calculator in algebra and not deal with the headaches of fractions.  The truth of the matter is fractions are everywhere including college level math.  Ok enough with the fraction lecture and back to how to add and subtract fractions.  Here is the deal- to add or subtract fractions, the fractions must have the same denominator (the bottom number of a fraction). Sometimes we are lucky and our fractions have the same denominator in which case all we need to do is add the numerators(top number of a fraction) to get the answer.  However if your fractions don’t have the same denominator then you need to stop everything to fix up the fractions so they do- then proceed to finish the problem.  Study the notes below they will help you master fractions once and for all.




some key topics that involve adding and subtracting fractions:

* numerator and denominator
* LCD and LCM
* rational numbers
* number operations
* order of operations