Formulas and Literal Equations

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Solving formula equations or literal equations is not hard if you understand how to solve regular variable equations.  When we are solving a formula equation all we are doing is writing the formula in a different way.  Example, lets consider the formula Area=Base * Height written as A=BH.  Now if I told you to solve this formula equation for H what I’m asking is to write the formula such that you have H= not as it’s current form as A=BH.  So what does the formula look like as H=?  Well we have to solve for H meaning you have to think of the variables B and A as numbers.  So we have A=BH think of it as maybe 10=5H.  Now if you were to solve for H you would divide both sides of the equation by 5.  Well that’s what we need to do in the formula but we divide both sides of the formula not by 5 but rather B (because it’s in the same place as the 5).  So H= A/B.  Confused? Many students struggle with this at first but in algebra you have to practice, practice, practice to succeed!  Good luck!

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