How Well Do You Know Finding The Equation Of A Line?

Here is a writing linear equations test and key. ┬áBefore you take the test let’s do a quick review of the basics of writing linear equations.

Key concepts to keep in mind about writing linear equations:

* the most common form to write a linear equation in y=mx + b
* to find the equation of a line (write a linear equation) we need the slope and at least on point on the line
* the two common methods to find the equation of a line are using the y=mx + b formula and solving for the variables m and b; the other method is the point-slope formula
* if asked to find the equation of a line given two points first find the slope; then use one of the points and the slope in the above methods
* lines in y=mx + b form can be rewritten into lines in standard form Ax + By = C
* finding the “best fitting line” is an example of writing linear equations


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