Writing the equation of a line is a basic skill in algebra. There are a few ways to write the equation of a line but one of the most common ways is to use the point-slope formula.  The key to this and any other formulas is knowing how to plug in the correct values.  My suggestion is to take a few problems nice and slow to make sure you know what your doing- after that it’s full speed ahead on rocking your algebra grade!


key concepts to remember:

* “m” is always the slope value; if you have two points but not the slope find the slope using the two points first
* always write your final equation in y = mx + b form unless your teacher says otherwise
* when calculating the slope many students make errors- watch this!




some key topics that involve point-slope formula:

* slope
* slope-intercept formula
* systems
* linear word problems
* best fitting lines and scatter plots