Full Math Instruction- Equations


Key concepts to keep in mind about equations:

* equations are mathematical statements with a = symbol
* a solution to an equation is the value(s) of the variable(s) that make the left-side = the right-side
* we can change an equation by taking steps- what is important is that whatever we do to one side of the equation we must do to the other side as well
* understanding one step equations are key to solving all types of equations
* formulas and literal equations are just equations with variables that represent a concept; example A=WH, the A variable can represent Area


Lesson 1

Solve Basic One Step Equations Full Video Lesson

Did you like this video lesson?  Watch me solve many more problems on solving basic one step equations



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Solving equations that involve two steps is really two basic equations in one problem.  Always do the addition or subtraction part first before solving for the variable using division or multiplication.

Key concepts to keep in mind:

* understand positive and negative number operations first before doing equations
* understand fractions before doing equations
* understand one step basic equations before doing two step equations


Lesson 2

Full Video Lesson Two Step Equations

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Algebra equations problems involve 1 to many steps.  The most basic equations in algebra require only one step to solve. However as you progress in solving more complex equations you will need to take multiple steps.  Before going any further ask yourself if you have mastered basic algebra equations- if not go back and review! Often students understand the steps to solve equations but will make mistakes with things like positive and negative numbers- again go back and review this is critical for you future math efforts.  Now back to mult-step equations the main process can be seen in the problem below.

First always do the distributive property when you see any (   ).  Next combine any like terms on each side of the equation.  Then simplify by moving all the variables to the left hand side of the equation and numbers to the right side.  Once these steps are done you should have a nice basic algebra equation to solve- the whole idea here is to rewrite a large equation into a simple equation..Good luck you can do it!

Lesson 3

Multi Step Equations Full Video Lesson

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Here is an example of all the steps to solve a multi-step equation:



Solving formula equations or literal equations is not hard if you understand how to solve regular variable equations.  When we are solving a formula equation all we are doing is writing the formula in a different way.  Example, lets consider the formula Area=Base * Height written as A=BH.  Now if I told you to solve this formula equation for H what I’m asking is to write the formula such that you have H= not as it’s current form as A=BH.  So what does the formula look like as H=?  Well we have to solve for H meaning you have to think of the variables B and A as numbers.  So we have A=BH think of it as maybe 10=5H.  Now if you were to solve for H you would divide both sides of the equation by 5.  Well that’s what we need to do in the formula but we divide both sides of the formula not by 5 but rather B (because it’s in the same place as the 5).  So H= A/B.  Confused? Many students struggle with this at first but in algebra you have to practice, practice, practice to succeed!  Good luck!

Lesson 4

Solving Formula Equations Full Video Lesson

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