Equations Multi-Step

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Algebra equations problems involve 1 to many steps.  The most basic equations in algebra require only one step to solve. However as you progress in solving more complex equations you will need to take multiple steps.  Before going any further ask yourself if you have mastered basic algebra equations- if not go back and review! Often students understand the steps to solve equations but will make mistakes with things like positive and negative numbers- again go back and review this is critical for you future math efforts.  Now back to mult-step equations the main process can be seen in the problem below. First always do the distributive property when you see any (   ).  Next combine any like terms on each side of the equation.  Then simplify by moving all the variables to the left hand side of the equation and numbers to the right side.  Once these steps are done you should have a nice basic algebra equation to solve- the whole idea here is to rewrite a large equation into a simple equation..Good luck you can do it!

Here is an example of all the steps to solve a multi-step equation: