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A Special Message From John Zimmerman- Certified K-12 Master Math Teacher

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You’re about to discover a wonderful set of study material that can make a huge difference in your grades. This program has been designed by me and it’s purpose is to give students a highly effective resource to review before an algebra test.

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I’m about to share with you the secret of acing your algebra exams. After 20+ years successfully teaching math I have learned one key thing: students that study great notes and practice the right type of problems before the night of an exam almost always do extremely well!  With my materials you will get expertly prepared notes that cover the key skills and concepts in algebra.  I’ll also provide an effective way for you to practice by giving you tests that I have used in the classroom – these tests cover the most common type of exam questions you will encounter.  Better yet the test keys I provide give you detailed solutions so you understand exactly how a problem is solved. You see, when you have great materials to study from you have taken the first step to do well- this is a tremendous advantage as the majority of algebra students have poor notes and don’t practice nearly enough before a test.

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• Weaker skilled students
• Gifted students
• All learning styles
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• Students that hate math
• Students that are way behind and need to catch up to their peer group
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• Average skilled students
• Students that love to work on their own
• Students that like the active support of a parent
• Students that like learning from a textbook

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Announcing: The Ultimate Test Prep Study System For Algebra 


This Powerful Study Program Includes:

1. Easy to Understand Chapter Review Notes

2. Practice Chapter Tests And Fully Explained Answer Keys

3. Practice Final Exams For Pre-Algebra, Algebra 1 and Algebra 2


The Algebra Pro-Pack Study System Covers The Following Algebra Topics:

Introduction to Algebra Terms and Concepts

• Number Operations
• Variables
• Order of Operations
• Translating Verbal and Algebraic Phrases
• Equations/Inequalities/Solutions

Real Numbers and Simplifying Variable Expressions

• Real Numbers/Simplifying Variable Expressions
• Real Number System
• Adding Real Numbers
• Subtracting Real Numbers
• Multiplying and Dividing Real Numbers
• Distributive Property
• Simplifying by Combining Like Terms

Solving Equations

• One Step Equations
• Solving Two Step Equations
• Solving Multi-Step Equations
• Formulas and Literal Equations

Graphing Linear Equations

• Graphing Lines with One Variable
• Graphing Lines with Two Variables
• The Slope of a Line
• Slope Intercept Method
• XY Intercept Method

Writing the Equations of Lines

• Using Slope-Intercept Form
• Using Point-Slope intercept
• Given the Slope and a Point
• Given Two Points
• Standard Form of Linear Equations
• Best Fitting Line
• Linear Models/Word Problems


• Linear Inequalities
• Compound Inequalities
• Graphing Linear Inequalities in Two Variables


• Solving Systems by Graphing
• Solving Systems Substitution Method
• Solving Systems by Elimination/Linear Combination
• Solving Linear System Word Problems
• Special Linear Systems
• Solving Systems of Linear Inequalities
• Linear Programming

Absolute Value

• Introduction to Absolute Value
• Graphing Absolute Value Equations
• Solving Absolute Value Equations
• Absolute Value Inequalities

Powers and Exponents

• Product and Power Rules of Exponents
• Negative and Zero Exponents Rules
• Division Rules of Exponents
• Scientific Notation
• Compound Interest
• Exponential Growth and Decay

Polynomials and Factoring

• Introduction to Polynomials
• Adding and Subtracting Polynomials
• Multiplying Polynomials
• Multiplying Polynomials Special Cases
• Sum and Difference of Two Cubes
• Factoring Greatest Common Factor
• Factoring Quadratic Trinomials
• Special Factoring Rules

Introduction to Quadratic Equations

• Introduction to Quadratic Equations
• Solving Quadratic Equations by Square Roots
• Graphing Quadratic Equations
• The Quadratic Formula
• Solving Quadratic Equations by Factoring
• The Discriminant – Types of Roots
• Completing the Square
• Quadratic Equation Word Problems
• Graphing Quadratic Inequalities

Functions and Relations

• Introduction to Functions and Relations
• Function Operations
• Inverse Functions
• Graphing Functions
• Linear and Nonlinear Functions
• Special Functions
• Composite Functions

Rational Expressions/Equations

• Ratios and Proportions
• Percent
• Direct and Inverse Variation
• Simplifying Rational Expressions
• Multiplying and Dividing Rational Expressions
• Finding the LCD of Rational Expressions
• Solving Rational Equations
• Adding and Subtracting Rational Expressions

Radical Expressions/Equations

• Simplifying Radicals
• Operations with Radicals
• Solving Radical Equations
• The Distance and Mid-Point Formula
• The Pythagorean Theorem

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