Hello! Welcome To Algebra Test Helper

My name is John Zimmerman and I want to help you learn algebra.  Most people have a hard time with algebra because it’s explained in a complex manner.  My style of teaching is simple, clear and understandable. As an expert math teacher I have discovered through the years ways to connect math concepts so they make sense to all students.

I’m always working hard to add new lessons and information to ATH with one goal in mind: helping people love and learn algebra! The site is never done I’m committed to growing the content as much as I can because I love helping people with math.

Make Algebra Homework Easy

As a teacher I know that students get a good amount of homework.  If you want to get your homework done fast then you need to know what you’re doing.  I designed ATH to give students a quick and easy reference they can use for homework help.  So the next time you have algebra homework and get stuck you can have ATH to help you along.

Raise Your Algebra Grade/Pass Your Test

Let’s face it if you’re taking an algebra class you want a good grade.  ATH will show you how to do all of the most common algebra test/quiz questions.  Also you find complete algebra practice tests and solutions you can use to gage your level of readiness before an exam.

Ever Wondered What Algebra Is?

You may have an impression that algebra is math with nothing more than a bunch of symbols and letters.  I can understand if you think algebra is for the “birds” but trust me if it were not for algebra there would be no internet, iPhone and the other great material stuff in our world not likely exist.  So try to respect the subject as a powerful force for good!  I put together a video on what algebra is and how you can kind of think of the subject.  My goal is to show you that anyone can learn the topic with the right attitude and teacher.