How Well Do You Understand The Basics Of Algebra?

Here is an introduction of algebraic terms and concepts test and key. ┬áBefore you take the test let’s do a quick review of the basics of algebraic terms and concepts.

Key concepts to keep in mind about algebraic terms and concepts:

* algebra follows the same rules as arithmetic
* a variable is a just a symbol (often a letter like x or y) that represents a number
* the order of operations is the correct sequence of steps we follow to simplify a numeric expression
* PEMDAS is the saying we use to remember the order of operations; from first to last and left to right, P- parenthesis, E- exponents and powers, MD- multiplication and division, AS- addition and subtraction
* verbal expressions can be translated into variable expressions; example “3 times a number” could be represented as “3x”



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