Solving Systems of Inequalities

Before taking on a system inequality problem you should ask yourself:  can I solve a system?  can I do a basic linear inequality problem? If you answer yes to both of these questions then you should have no problem- systems of inequalities are easy if you have those other skills down.  Below are some notes that outline what you need to do.  Let me add that when you need to figure out what side of the line to shade test the point (0, 0) into each inequality then determine if the statement is true or false.  If the result of plugging in (0, 0) produces a true statement shade towards (0, 0) if  the statement is false shade away from (0, 0).   The borders of the lines follow the same rules as linear inequalities…(good luck)



some key topics that involve systems of inequalities skills:

* linear programming
* quadratic inequalities
* more advance college prep math

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