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Graph A Line Using Slope-Intercept Example 1

Here is an example of how to graph a line using the slope-intercept equation.  Remember to read the lesson on this topic. Basic steps to follow: 1. First make sure the equation is in y=mx + b form 2. Plot the y-intercept b 3. From the y-intercept use the slope m to locate another point […]


Find the Equation of a Line Using The Slope Intercept Formula Lesson

The are a few different ways to find the equation of a line; using the slope-intercept formula is one of the most common.  Remember the formula y = mx + b?  We love lines in this form (y=mx + b ) because it’s very easy to graph them- we just use the slope (m) and […]


Graphing Lines y=mx + b (Slope-Intercept Method) Full Video Lesson

The slope-intercept form of a line is the way you will see most lines expressed in algebra.  The form is y=mx + b where m=the slope and b= the y-intercept. For example the line y=3x + 7 has a slope =3 and a y-intercept=7. When graphing lines in slope-intercept form you need to follow two […]