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Special Multiplication Rules For Polynomials Example 1

Here is an example of how to multiply polynomials using special rules.  Remember to read the lesson on this topic. Basic steps to follow: 1. First only certain special multiplication patterns will have a rule- example (a + b)(a – b) 2. Once you determined the special pattern apply the rule to find the product […]


Polynomial Multiplication Special Rules

Of course when faced with multiplying two polynomials (binomials) you can just use the F.O.I.L. method and call it a day.  However recognizing that you are multiplying binomials with the following pattern (a + b)(a – b),   (a + b)(a + b), (a – b)(a – b) can allow you to break out a […]


Multiplying Polynomials

You know how to multiply numbers but that’s no real fun.  If you are looking for a real good time then learn how to multiply polynomials.  Once you have the various methods to multiply polynomials down your algebra life will be wonderful!  Just on a serious note you MUST know polynomial operations to get past […]