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Multi-Step Equations Example 2

Here is an example of how to solve a multi-step equation. ┬áRemember to read the lesson on this topic. Basic steps to follow: 1. Do any parts of the problem that require the distributive property; any place where there is parentheses 2. Combine like terms and simplify both sides 3. Simplify the equation until you […]


Multi-Step Equation (with fractions) Example 1

When solving an equation problem that has multi-steps and fractions you want to consider a few things: 1. Make sure you understand how to solve basic one and two step equations first 2. Know how to work with fractions- this is a common weak area for students that trip them up on problems 3. Know […]


Multi-Step Equations

this is a multi-step equation problem. Algebra has many problems like this always start learning the most basic equation problems first than work your way up!