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Evaluate An Absolute Value Expression Example 1

Here is an example of how to evaluate an absolute value expression.  Remember to read the lesson on this topic before you try the problem.  I will give you some basic steps so if you are having problems with parts of the problem go back and review.  For example in this problem you may need […]


Evaluate Absolute Value

Evaluating an absolute value expression is when you calculate the value of the problem. Remember when you find the absolute value of a number the answer is always positive. However when absolute values are apart of a larger expression the overall value can be any real number- positive or negative. Key concepts to remember: * […]


Absolute Value Definition

The concept of absolute value is very important for algebra students to understand. The key thing to know is that absolute value measures distance a number is from zero. If you remember that distance is always a positive number you will be just fine. Key concepts to remember: * the absolute value is the “distance” […]