Surface Area of Basic Figures Lesson

Finding the surface area of basic figures like cylinders, prisms, pyramids and cones should be no problem if:  you know the right formula and can evaluate the formula correctly.  Big mistakes students make even if they are using the right formula is making order of operation mistakes.  Also make sure you always add the proper unit of measure to your solution ( in this case of surface area it will be units-squared).

Some key concepts to remember about area and volume:

* area is measured in units squared; example 24 inches squared or 61 mm squared
* volume is measured in units cubed; example 109 inches cubed or 83 cm cubed
* when calculating area or volume make sure all the input values into your formula have the same units first
* when using pi (3.14) the more digits of pi you use in you calculation the more accurate your answer- don’t round off too much




some key topics that involve area calculation skills:

* geometry
* science
* practical everyday problem solving like construction work
* various test like the GED, SAT, ACT and ASVAB

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